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Engagement gifts are the perfect way to congratulate the newly engaged couple, especially since engagement parties are now a common way for a couple to announce their engagement and bring their friends and family together to celebrate.

While it is not necessary to bring an engagement present to the party, nor is it in bad taste, it can be a nice gesture to bring a small meaningful gift to show the couple how happy you are for them. If you do not know the couple very well, there are still some simple and inexpensive party gifts that would be appropriate to give.

Engagement Gifts Online is the easiest way to find the perfect gift. With so many online retailers, it can be hard finding the right gift, but here you will find a large collection of engagement gift ideas that may even help you spark some ideas of your own.

Favorite Engagement Gifts Online

Personalized Engagement Gifts

Personalized gifts are one of the best-selling engagement gift online. Many online retailers are able to personalize a wide variety of gifts that can't be found in brick-and-mortar stores. Another benefit to personalizing a gift online is that you can have the gift delivered right to the recipient without the hassle of ordering the gift, picking it up, wrapping it and, finally, mailing it.

Personalized gifts online make it so much easier to add that special touch to a gift easily and inexpensively.

Engagement Gifts Delivered

Finding engagement gifts online is convenient if you want to send a present to the happy couple, especially if the couple does not live nearby. Deliverable gifts are also great for sending a gift of congrats to a client or colleague. Here are some lovely gifts that any couple would be thrilled to receive.

Unique and Handmade Engagement Gifts

The Internet has made it much easier to support artists and their handmade goods. Now you do not need to rely on local craft fairs to find that special and unique gift for the newly engaged couple. There are many online stores that specialize in making handmade goods accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Specialized Engagement Gifts

Specialized engagement gifts include items that cannot be found at any mall or department store. Our visitors have found the perfect gift ideas through specialty online stores that cater to modern and romantic gift themes.

Top Engagement Gifts

Our top ten engagement gifts list is a quick and easy way to see what other visitors have purchased. We've compiled the most popular gifts for the last year so that you can find a great gift in no time.

So if you are running short on time and gift ideas, check out our Top Engagement Gifts.

More Engagement Gift Ideas

Engagement Gift Baskets

Browse through this collection of engagement gift baskets and find the basket with the perfect contents to make the happy couple even happier. There are plenty of different themed baskets to choose from. So, whether your couple loves indulging in delicious treats or trying new bottles of wine, there's sure to be something special that you can send their way.

Engagement Gifts for Her

Looking for a special little something for your favorite girlfriend who just announced her engagement? Check out these gifts for some ideas. There will definitely be something that she'll love -- whether it's a new wedding planner, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a personalized memento.

Engagement Gifts for Him

No doubt the groom-to-be is on cloud nine! Surprise the happy fellow with a great engagement gift just for him. His future bride will probably be drowning in congrats and gifts, so making a special effort to give him a little treat will be appreciated.

Engagement Gifts for the Couple

Browse engagement gifts for the couple and find the best gifts for the new bride and groom-to-be. Here you will find plenty of unique ideas that are cool, fun and useful, to help make their engagement party a great one!

Personalized Engagement Gifts

It's so easy to personalize a gift for the couple nowadays! There are lots of online shops that will personalize a gift, send it to you or directly to the couple gift wrapped and all! So if you have a little extra time and want to give the couple a memorable gift, then consider customizing a present for them.

Funny Engagement Gifts

Check out this collection of funny engagement party gift ideas, including marriage survival kits, how-to-marriage books, personalized t-shirts and other gag engagement gifts. Your gift will be sure to garner a laugh during this happy time.

Engagement Gift Ideas Under $15

Here are some engagement gift ideas that are under $15. Find something that the couple will love at a price you can easily afford.

Engagement Gift Ideas Under $25

Engagement gifts do not have to cost a lot of money. Here are some great gift ideas that are under $25. There will be plenty of time to shop for bigger gifts when the actual wedding nears.

Personalized Engagement Gifts Under $25

Customizing a gift does not have to be expensive. Check out these reasonably priced gift ideas that you personalize with the couple's future family name, the date of their wedding and much more.

Irish Engagement Gifts

For an Irish couple soon to be married, how special would it be to offer a gift that celebrates not only their upcoming union, but also their shared heritage? Here are some lovely Irish gifts that will surely make them smile.

Personalized Irish Engagement Gifts

Here is a collection of personalized Irish engagement gifts, including towel sets, stepping stones, Irish crosses, coffee mugs, doormats, beer steins and more. If you have the extra time, then personalizing a special gift can make for an extra-special present to the Irish couple.

Personalized Engagement Gifts for Her

Check out these personalized engagement gifts for her, including jewelry boxes, lockets, shoe bags, lingerie bags, notebooks, cosmetic bags and more. A little treat that is custom designed just for you will make for a unique and memorable gift.

Personalized Engagement Gifts for Him

Here are some wonderful personalized engagement gifts for him like engraved watches, personalized golf balls, money clips, travel bags and more. He will be thrilled to receive a gift that has him in mind.

Wine Gifts and Accessories

Browse through this collection of different wine gifts and accessories and find the perfect wine lovers gift for the newly engaged couple who are self-proclaimed winos.

Golf Gifts for Men and Women

If your favorite couple loves to golf, then celebrate their new engagement with one of their shared pastimes! Getting a gift that both congratulates the couple and gives them something useful for their next trip to the course may be the perfect gift. Golf gifts would also be a thoughtful gift for a co-worker or client who has recently announced their engagement.

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