Engagement Gift Baskets for Him

These gift baskets are not like your grandparents' gift baskets. Modern gift baskets come chocked full of delightful treats and there are plenty of themed gift baskets that any man would be thrilled to receive. So if you are looking for a great engagement gift basket for your newly engaged friend, colleague or brother, then here is a collection of great gift baskets that you can purchase online and have delivered to his house or workplace in no time.

Master of the Grill Gift Basket

For some men, their barbeque grill can easily substitute their kitchen. If they had it their way, they would fire up the grill for every meal of the day. So if your newly minted groom-to-be is also a master of the grill, then these BBQ themed gift baskets will have him drooling and ready to fire up the grill pronto.

Golf Gift Basket

If the golf range is his home away from home, then imagine his surprise when he receives one of these awesome golf themed gift "baskets." Inside these appropriately themed containers are fun little goodies, like snacks he could take on the course or even extra golf balls. If you're feeling especially generous, then you could also spoil him by sending him a gift certificate for a round at his favorite local golf course, which may just be the perfect afternoon escape for a man who may be buried in wedding planning checklists about now.

Fishing Gift Basket

Does your guy spend a lot of time trying to catch the big one? Why not indulge his love for fishing with one of these seafood themed gift baskets? Fisherman are a special breed and any fisherman will be ecstatic to receive a gift basket that appears to be tailor made for him. It will certainly make a memorable gift that any sea-loving man will not soon forget.

Movie Lovers Gift Basket

For some men, there is nothing more relaxing than spending a night in on the couch and watching a flick or two. If you have a movie buff on your hands, then it might be a no-brainer to send him one of these movie lover themed gift baskets as a congrats gift for his recent engagement. This would be an especially nice treat if you know that he and his lady are both movie lovers because there is definitely enough treats within these baskets for a couple to enjoy for many movie night to come.

Wine Lovers Gift Basket

A lovely wine gift basket will always be welcomed by a man who enjoys a glass of vino after dinner. Along with a nice bottle (or two), these gift basket comes with delectable snacks that will pair wonderfully with the chosen wine. And these baskets include everything a man may need to throw an impromptu picnic with his wife-to-be.

Send a Yummy Dessert

There's nothing quite like receiving a gourmet dessert when you least expect it. Sending your congrats through delectable desserts is a surefire way to give a memorable (and delicious) engagement gift. Many of these special treats are plenty for a soon-to-be wedded couple to share.

Need More Gift Ideas?

Engagement Gift Ideas for Men

While many shower the bride-to-be with gifts, it's perfectly cool to give a little something to the groom-to-be, too! In fact, he'll probably be surprised and extra appreciative of your thoughtfulness. An engagement gift for him does not have to be wedding related, you might just give him a little something fun or related to an interest of his. Whatever you decide upon, he will certainly be thankful.

Gift Ideas for the Couple

If you are friends with both halves, then consider getting a neat present that they can both enjoy. There are lots of great two-some gifts that have both people in mind. A cookbook for two or a two-person picnic set are just a couple of gift ideas that would definitely make the couple happy.

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