More Unique Engagement Gift Ideas

Funny Engagement Gifts

Funny engagement gifts are a fantastic way to give the couple a reason to laugh! Planning a wedding can be a very stressful time for the engaged couple, and if you think that they could use a good laugh, then consider getting them a fun gag engagement gift.

Make a Wedding Survival Kit

There are tons of wedding survival kits that you can buy but, then again, why not just make your own? A wedding survival kit includes little items that could end up being a lifesaver on the big day. Many of the items are travel sizes goodies, like deodorant, handy wipes, toothpaste, and other toiletries. And if you were to make a wedding survival kit for your couple, then you can include some humorous and sentimental items for them.

Personalized Engagement Gifts for Her

An engagement is a very special time in a woman's life. And if you are looking for something extraordinary to give her, then consider checking out personalized engagement gift ideas online. There are a variety of wonderful, and affordable, gifts that can be sent directly to her doorstep!

Personalized Engagement Gifts for Him

Looking for something unique for the groom-to-be? Then a fun personalized gift can be just the thing to make your favorite guy feel special. There are an unbelievable amount of cool things that you can personalize for your guy, anything from shot glasses to a quality humidor. So whatever the tastes of your newly engaged man may be there is bound to be something awesome that he will love.

Irish Engagement Gifts

Personalized Irish Engagement Gifts

Is the newly engaged couple ecstatic to celebrate their Irish heritage together as a married couple? Then they will be absolutely thrilled if they were to receive an Irish engagement gift from you! There are even personalized Irish engagement gifts that a couple will be able to cherish long into their happy union.

Irish Engagement Gifts

Want more Irish engagement gift ideas? How about an Irish cookbook with traditional and contemporary recipes? Or wedding gifts that the couple will be able to incorporate into their ceremony? With so many ways to celebrate being Irish, there are many great and memorable Irish gifts that you can give to the bride- and groom-to-be.

Specialized Engagement Gift Ideas

Wine Gifts and Accessories

For wine lovers, receiving wine, wine accessories, and just about any wine related gifts are perfect for just about any occasion, especially an engagement. So, if you are stumped on gift ideas and you know that they couple enjoys their vino, then consider surprising them with a wine-related gift! They will certainly love the thoughtfulness. And if the couple already has all they'll ever need or want, then a divergence from an ordinary engagement gift will delight them!

Golf Gifts for Men and Women

Fun golf engagement gifts are a surefire way to excite a newly engaged man or woman who love the game, yet have everything they would already need and want. If the couple is remarrying or getting hitched later in life, then it may seem silly to get them a traditional engagement gift, so why not buck the norm and get them something they can use while playing their favorite game? They will love the creativity and the gift!

Engagement Gift Ideas by Price

Engagement Gift Ideas Under $15

Great engagement gift ideas don't need to break the bank. Here are some cool gift ideas that would be perfect to bring to a small engagement party or just as a little token of congrats. And if you're running short on time and can't wait for a gift to be delivered before the engagement party, then just consider bringing a nice bottle of wine or champagne.

Engagement Gift Ideas Under $25

With time and a little cash, you will be able to order an awesome engagement gift that the couple will remember for a long time. There are some helpful wedding planning books and couple-oriented cookbooks available for under $20! It's amazing how many inexpensive gifts can be found online.

Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas Under $25

Are you used to seeing outrageously price personalized gifts at the mall or department stores? Then you'll love the personalized engagement gifts that can be found online for a fraction of the cost! Customize a gift with the couple's soon-to-be shared surname, or the date of their engagement and just about anything else!

Wedding Engagement and Engagement Party Information

Engagement Party Invitations

Planning an engagement party? Want to see the coolest personalized engagement party invitations available online? Then check out this collection of modern invitations that match a ton of different engagement party theme ideas. There are so many great invitations to choose from, whether you are having a formal dinner party at a favorite restaurant or having a casual barbeque in the backyard!

Engagement Party Ideas

Can't decide which engagement party theme to choose? With so many different themes, it's no wonder you can't decide. Here are some cool engagement party themes that you can consider when making your final decision.

Engagement Party Favors

Engagement party favors are a neat treat that you can give to your party guests. There are a lot of party favors that would work well with different party themes, and there are a lot of favors that can be personalized with names, dates, or just a fun party tagline. By giving your guests a little something to take home, they will feel like a special part of the celebration.

Engagement Party Etiquette

What's proper engagement party etiquette? Is there such a thing? Here's information about engagement party etiquette, including who should host, who should be invited, when it should be planned, when to bring an engagement gift, who should give a toast, etc.

Engagement Congratulations

Did you just find out the good news? Looking for a way to send your engagement congrats to the happy couple? Check out these great ideas on how to express your happiness for the couple.

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