Engagement Gift Ideas Under $25

Engagement gift ideas range from simple and practical to extravagant. Most wedding engagement gifts are offered once the couple has made the announcement or at an engagement party.

Since there will be plenty of other opportunities to spoil the couple, like the bridal shower, wedding shower and the actual wedding, there is no need for you to go all out for their engagement present, unless, of course, you want to!

If you do not know the couple very well, you can always find cool engagement gifts for the couple that won't break the bank. Here is a list of gift ideas that run about $25 or less:

Cute Couples in Love Glassware

Who can resist these creative romantic glasses? The artwork on these glasses convey the simple sweetness of a young love. Any couple would love to receive a pair of these glasses. And these glasses may just become their favorite pieces of drinkware.

Heart Shaped Kitchenware

Heart shaped kitchenware, like serving platters and pretty spoons, are a cute way to celebrate the engagement. Not only are these engagement party gifts adorable, but they are useful, too, especially if your couple loves to spend time in the kitchen.

If you have a little more room in your budget, then along with these love inspired kitchen pieces, you could also give the couple a new cookbook.

Couple's Cookbook

Cookbooks for the groom- and bride-to-be can be a great gift for self-proclaimed chefs. There are even some cool cookbooks that were written for couples. As the couple begins their journey into marriage, they will likely be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so what better way to make the best use of that time than to learn some new recipes?

Uniquely Romantic Goods

A great way to celebrate the announcement of an engagement is to offer the couple a sweet little romantic gift that they can both enjoy. While they may be receiving a lot of gifts that are wedding related, your gift will stand out and will be something that they can treasure and appreciate long after the big day.

Cheese Cutting Board

Does the couple love to try different types of cheeses? Then a cheese cutting board set can be a fun engagement gift to give them. Some cutting boards come with specialty cheese knives and spreaders for different types of cheese, giving the couple a fun little way to indulge their love for cheese.

A new cheese board can also be the perfect gift for couples who love wine because many wine lovers enjoying pairing wine with different cheeses.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is a gift that they can start using right away. Many planners come with tons of checklists, budget planning tips, wedding ideas and other fun things that ca/n help the couple keep track of all the little details that go into planning the party of their life!

Photo Album

A photo album is a great and totally appropriate engagement gift for the engaged couple because it will get them thinking of which pictures they can start collecting to fill them up. The engagement period will be filled with fun events and hundreds of pictures will be snapped - so give them a fun space to keep all of their favorite memories.

Bottle of Wine / Champagne + Accessories

A nice bottle of wine or champagne can be just what the couple needs. If the newly engaged couple seems to have everything they need already, then a nice bottle will be a sweet gesture of engagement congratulations. If you are feeling a little empty handed with just giving them a bottle, then consider a wine accessory gift like a wine aerator or monogrammed wine stopper to go along with your present.

Photo Frame

A photo frame or a collage photo frame can be a wonderful gift if the couple is just starting out and is in the process of setting up their own home. The frame does not necessarily have to be wedding related, so they do not have to be confined to just finding wedding photos. If you have a great picture of the couple, you can get their photo collage started for them!

Wine Opener Gift Set

A nice wine opener set can be a great gift for a couple who enjoys wine. Wine openers allow wine bottles to be opened with ease and without damaging the cork. There are even electric wine openers and wine openers that come complete with a foil cutter.

Teapot / Tea Set

Teapots and tea sets range in materials and styles. If the couple enjoys tea, then a cool teapot or tea set can make a wonderful engagement gift idea. If you are so inclined, you may also consider getting them some different loose leaf tea varieties to enjoy with their new teapot.

Glassware / Stemware

Glassware or stemware is always appreciated as a engagement gift. If the couple loves to drink wine or often entertains at their home, then a healthy collection of glassware will be a welcomed present. If you know that the couple enjoys champagne, then a pair of flutes may be a fun and appropriate gift as well.

Gift Tins

Indulge the couple with some sweets sent in a fun gift tin. This can be a great treat for the couple and perfect for a lazy movie night in or just a snack to enjoy when the mood strikes. There are also other engagement gift baskets if you are looking for something more.

More Affordable Gift Ideas

Personalized Engagement Gifts Under $25

Believe it or not, there are a lot of great personalized gift ideas that you can find under $25. When you shop online, you can save a pretty penny because personalizing a gift is so much cheaper than if you were to go to a mall or department store. Aside from an affordable price, there is a wide variety of personalized gifts that you can choose from.

Engagement Gifts Under $15

If a gift around $25 is still a little out of your budget, then don't fret because there are plenty of great gift ideas that you can find under $15! Many engagement gifts are just small tokens of congrats, so there's no need to worry about how much you have to spend. The couple will appreciate your thoughtfulness regardless of the price tag.

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