Engagement Gifts by Price Range

There are a ton of great engagement gift ideas that will fit anyone's budget. So even if you are working with a small budget, there are still plenty of ways that you can offer your congrats to the happy couple.

If you have the time for ordering and delivery, then there are many gift ideas that can be found online. Although if you are crunched for time, then you can simply take a look at these gift ideas and head over to your local department store to see if they carry anything similar. Many times a nice bottle of wine, easily found for around $15 at any grocery store, will make a welcomed gift by the bride- or groom-to-be.

Also don't stress about getting the perfect gift for the couple now because you will certainly have another chance during the wedding shower and the wedding itself to find them a great present.

Engagement Gift Ideas Under $15

There are a lot of small engagement gifts that would be perfect to present to a newly engaged couple. If they are hosting an engagement party, then you might consider bringing a little gift as a congratulations present, although gifts are usually not expected at an engagement party, they are always appreciated.

If the couple enjoys cooking, then you may consider some heart shaped kitchen gadgets. Or some cool household goodies, like lovely scented candles, an ornate picture frame with your own personal message framed or even a wedding planning book. More.

Engagement Gift Ideas Under $25

If you're working with a budget of $25, then you'll have a few more cool gift ideas to choose from. For an engaged woman, you might think about getting her a subscription to a wedding magazine, which often includes anywhere from six to twelve months of issues, making it a great gift that continues to please month after month. For the couple, there are plenty of great gifts under $25, like couples' cookbooks, romantic picture frames, photo albums and more. More.

Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas Under $25

Purchasing personalized gifts online is a lot less expensive than purchasing them from a store, so if you are looking to create a unique present for the couple and can afford up to $25, then there a few good gift items that you can order quickly and personalize easily.

There are many cool ways that you can personalize a gift for an engaged woman, man or couple. For instance, if the couple will be sharing a last name after their wedding, then you could jumpstart their collection of personalized household goods by engraving the item with their soon-to-be shared surname. Also, there are many ways that gifts can be made special by just including the wedding date or even the wedding year that the pair will tie the knot.

Many online retailers can also personalize a variety of holiday decor. So if the wedding is scheduled for the fall or winter, then it may be a nice touch to have an ornament or Christmas stockings personalized for the engaged couple. It will make the first holiday season they spend together as a married couple even more special And with every future holiday season, they will be reminded of their first Christmas together because of your thoughtful gift.

The best part about a personalized gift, whether it is personalized with a name, date or a special saying, is that the gift comes from the heart. Any recipient will be thrilled to receive a gift where you took the extra step in ensuring that it is unique to him or her. It will always be a special item that they will remember long after the engagement party and the wedding is over. More.

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