Engagement Gifts for Him to Enjoy

Engagement gifts for the groom-to-be are becoming a fun way to congratulate a man on his new engagement. After the announcement often times the attention becomes focused on the bride-to-be, so a small gift for him can be a really nice way to include him in the festivities.

An engagement present for him does not need to be wedding related, it can be a small token of congrats such as tickets to a ballgame, a nice bottle of wine or, if you are close to the man, then a personalized accessory. Fortunately, there are plenty of great gift ideas for men for you to consider, whether it's for your son, grandson, brother, co-worker or good friend.

You can also check out personalized engagement gifts for men if you want to give him something extra special.

Books for Grooms

Getting married is not so cut and dry for any couple, bride or groom. And if your groom is getting a little jittery or nervous about what exactly to do as an engaged man, then you might consider easing some of his anxieties with a book written for someone in his position. So, while the bride-to-be may be up to her eyeballs in wedding planning books, bride books and magazines - at least the groom-to-be will have something to help him do his part.

Dress Watch

A new dress watch would make a memorable and practical gift. If the man enjoys collecting watches or perhaps has never had a nice dress watch, then an engagement could be the perfect reason for presenting him with a new watch. Many watches can also be engraved with a message, if you would like to personalize the gift for him.

Many fiancees choose to get their future husband a nice watch as an engagement gift because it is a special piece of jewelry that he can wear to celebrate their engagement. A nice dress watch can also make a great gift from a mother to her newly engaged son.

Valet / Watch Case

A valet or watch case is not likely an item that a man will purchase on his own, which makes it the perfect gift for him. Many valets or watch cases can be personalized to add an extra special touch to the gift.

If you are planning on purchasing a watch for him as a gift, then a watch case can make a great companion gift. Or if you know that he has a growing collection of watches, cufflinks, bracelets and other jewelry, then a valet case can be a wonderful way to organize his items.

Additionally, valet and watch cases are especially handy if the man travels frequently and prefers to bring his favorite accessories with him. Although some valets may be too large, there is a wide selection of men's travel-sized valet cases that can be found and presented as a thoughtful gift.

Gift Baskets for Him

An engagement gift basket for him can a fun gift for the groom-to-be to receive. Most traditional engagement gift baskets feature wine, tea or coffee, but there are other types of gift baskets for men that he will really enjoy. For instance, beer themed gift baskets are popular engagement gifts for men, and even golf, BBQ or fishing themed gift baskets!

If you have the time, then you can even put together your own special gift basket for him! Once you find a nice basket or other container, you can just fill it up with his favorite things, like his favorite candy bars, snacks, fun trinkets that he can use and other goodies. The better you know the guy, then the easier it will be to put together a unique gift basket just for him.

Money Clip

An engraved money clip is a nice traditional engagement gift because it is personal and can be useful. Money clips can come in all shapes and styles and getting him a cool engraved money clip would be a nice way to celebrate his good news.

Unique Cufflinks

If the already has personalized cufflinks, then there are plenty of other unique cufflinks that you can give to him as a small gift of congrats. Many men love to mix up their cufflinks depending on the occasion and if your guy has a growing collection of cufflinks, then he would be thrilled to receive a unique pair of cufflinks that can't be found in any department store.

Husband "How-to" Books

The groom-to-be may be reeling from learning about his duties as a groom, so why not help him out with his soon-to-be role as husband? While some of the advice may be fun and light-hearted, there may be some gems of wisdom that really strike a chord with the husband-to-be. So along with some fun gifts, consider giving him some upfront advice on how to navigate his marriage when the time comes. He may remember this little gift when he needs it most and will really appreciate it then.

Gadget Related

Does your guy love playing around with the newest electronic toys and accessories? Consider getting him some cool gadgets that he can use throughout his engagement and beyond. A wireless speaker will be perfect for outdoor and indoor events. A selfie stick might be just the thing for taking some awesome photos before and during the wedding. Gadget guys love all kinds of techie toys, so consider getting your guy something fun!

Hobby Related

Some men may not be fond of wearing watches or other jewelry, so how about getting the future groom something that is related to his own interests? Does he like camping, could he use a new two person tent? Does he enjoy reading, how about getting him a subscription to his favorite magazine? A hobby related gift shows that you really know what he likes and it is something that he would find fun and useful.

Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is a classy engagement gift for a man who does not enjoy wearing a watch and can appreciate such a nice present. Pocket watches come in a variety of different styles and can be engraved with a special message too.

Round of Golf

If he loves golf, then consider getting him a few rounds of golf at his favorite course. This can definitely be a fun way to de-stress during the wedding planning stage. It will give him a nice excuse to enjoy some time for himself and his buddies. You can also consider getting him some small golfing accessories, such as golf balls, tees, cleaning tools, score keepers and organizers.

Toy Ball and Chain

Gag engagement gifts are always fun and can lighten up the mood. If you have a friend who has recently gotten engaged, then instead of opting for a traditional engagement gift, how about getting him a funny engagement gift such as a toy ball and chain. This will definitely get some laughs and hopefully the newly engaged bride-to-be will also find humor in it.

More Engagement Gift Ideas for Him

Personalized Engagement Gifts for Him

Many times an engagement focuses on the newly engaged woman, so it is thoughtful to think about the groom-to-be during this happy period. Getting the engaged man a personalized gift just for him could be a nice way to congratulate him on the engagement. There are many guy-oriented gifts that could make a cool present.

An engagement present for a guy does not necessarily have to be wedding related. It could be a little something that is related to one of his favorite hobbies or a just a neat personalized accessory that he can enjoy. There's no need to over think the gift too much because there will be plenty of other opportunities to express your congrats to him.

Engagement Gift Baskets for Him

A gift basket is a very nice way to offer your congrats to a man who has just become engaged. A gift basket would also make an appropriate congratulations gift for a colleague, boss or client. There are many specialty gift baskets for him to choose from whether he is a golf fanatic, loves movie nights with his soon-to-be wife, or enjoys a nice bottle of vino.

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