Engagement Gift Ideas for the Couple

If you know both the bride and groom to-be, then getting an engagement gift for the couple can be a great way to celebrate their upcoming union. A gift that relates to a shared hobby or interest can also be a thoughtful way to congratulate the couple.

For instance, if you know that the couple enjoys traveling, then a traveling related gift could be a welcomed surprise. Or if the couple is moving into a new home together, then a piece of personalized decor or wall art could be an appreciated present.

Here are some creative and memorable gift ideas that can easily be ordered and sent directly to the happy couple. There are even personalized engagement gift ideas that might make a lasting impression on the newly engaged couple.

Simple Love Pillowcases

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. These simple, yet powerful, artistic displays of love and romance may be the perfect gift for a young couple embarking on a new adventure called marriage. These minimalist images showcase love in a creative new way. Any newly engaged couple would be thrilled to receive such an adorable gift.

Chocolate Dipped Deliciousness

What better way to celebrate the happy news than with decadent treats? If the couple is not nearby, then sending some lovely treats for them to enjoy can be a fun and simple way for you to congratulate the pair.

Picnic Sets

Offering your newly engaged couple a picnic set is a cool engagement present that keeps on giving. Having a picnic is an inexpensive date that can help ease the stress of planning the wedding. If picnics are not their thing, then consider getting them a tea set or sushi set. A wedding engagement gift that they can enjoy together is the most important part, and finding a set related to their interests would make a wonderful gift.

Conversation-Starter Kitchen Towels

A low-key gift could be a set of neat kitchen towels. These decorative towels offer all kinds of fun facts about different beverages like wine, coffee and more. An interesting kitchen towel paired with a bottle of wine or coffee, depending on the type of towel you decide to get can be a unique little gift that will make for a great conversation starter.

Personalized Photo Album

Pictures are a great way to capture all the special moments that go along with wedding planning. There's the bridal shower, bachelor's party, engagement party, wedding dress shopping and all of those special occasions deserve to be captured with pictures. Giving the couple a photo album can be a great way to encourage them to start thinking about the special moments they'd like the showcase in their album.

Engagement Gift Basket

An engagement gift basket is the perfect treat for the newly engaged couple. There are so many different types of engagement gift baskets available to choose from, you are bound to find a specialty gift basket to match the personality of your happy couple. There are wine or tea gift baskets, there are also fruit and cheese gift baskets, and so many more.

Journals Just for Couples

Are you looking for a unique gift that the couple will remember for a lifetime? Then consider these fill-in journals created especially for couples. A journal for couples is a gift that the couple will be able to make uniquely their own. Many journals offer prompts for the couple to fill out that allow them to express their fondest memories and loving thoughts about one another and their relationship.

These journals can make an especially lovely gift for a couple who love books or love writing. So if you have an artistically expressive couple who are difficult to shop for, then these journals could be perfect.

Engraved Cake Serving Set

Engagement gifts can also be items that they will need for their wedding. An engraved cake serving set is a great personalized gift that will be useful during the cake cutting ceremony at their wedding. By giving them a gift that they can use for the wedding, it will also relieve some stress in the planning -- so it will be one less thing they have to get, which they will be thankful for! Other personalized wedding items include unity candles, cake toppers, and champagne flutes.

Cookbooks for Couples

Does your couple love to cook and eat? How about jump starting their love for food together by getting them a cookbook? If they love to try new types of food, perhaps you can get them a specialized cookbook on Thai cooking or even authentic Italian cooking? Another essential cooking book would be The Joy of Cooking, which should be a staple in any food lover's cookbook library. There are also specialty cookbooks for couples that can be appropriate engagement gifts for the occasion.

Luggage Set

A well-made luggage set can make a great gift for a newly engaged couple. If you know that the couple loves to travel or are planning a honeymoon trip, then consider surprising them with a new matching luggage set! A luggage set will be a gift that will be used and appreciated for many years to come.

Wedding Planner Book(s)

While it is often the bride-to-be who handles most of the wedding planning, many grooms-to-be are jumping on board to help plan their special party. A wedding planner book is the perfect wedding engagement gift for both of them, and a way to help them start the planning process. They will likely use the internet, magazines and all sorts of other guides to help them along, but giving them a head start can really help them sort through all the information.

Wall Gallery Frame Set

Does the newly engaged couple love to share their favorite memories through displaying photos? Then these quality made wall gallery frames would make a thoughtful gift. Now they will have the perfect place to display their favorite engagement and wedding related photos.

Personalized Calendar

If you are close to the couple and can collect some fun photos of their relationship, then presenting them with a personalized calendar will definitely be a hit! A calendar will be useful for keeping track of important dates and deadlines as it relates to the wedding planning, plus they will be able to enjoy reflecting on the fun times in their relationship as they move toward the next level of their commitment.

Willow Handmade Figurines

A keepsake figurine is a fantastic way for a couple to reflect on their relationship and upcoming marriage. Willow Tree creates a line of handmade figurines that aim to capture the special moments and events in one's life. A special figurine can make a beautiful engagement gift.

Personalized Wall Art

How utterly romantic would a personalized piece of wall art would be for the newly engaged pair? These one-of-a-kind pieces of art can be a wonderful display that celebrates the couple and their marriage. If the couple enjoys bold works of art, then they will be stunned when they receive a gift that frames their commitment to one another so beautifully.

Digital Picture Frame

With a wedding in the future, there will tons of picture opportunities for the newly engaged couple and their family. A digital picture frame is a fun and easy way to upload pictures and enjoy them without having to get them printed out just yet. A digital picture frame can serve as a reminder to the couple that despite the stress, planning a wedding can be fun too!

Wine Rack

A wine rack, and perhaps a nice bottle of wine or neat wine accessories, is cool engagement presents for the newly engaged couple - especially if they love wine! It is practical and can help them jumpstart their own wine collection as well as be a nice household item for their new life together.

Fondue Set

Who doesn't love a fondue party? If your couple loves to entertain, then a fondue set may be the perfect engagement party gift! A fondue set comes in all sorts of different styles and sizes; there are fondue sets made especially for chocolate and others that can be used for meat and seafood. A companion gift to a fondue set could be fondue cookbooks or a set of mini plates if the fondue set doesn't already come with plates.


Great gifts do not necessarily have to wedding-related either. If you know your couple is not the type to get too wrapped up in the wedding planning, and traditional engagement gifts may not be their cup of tea, then consider getting them something for their home, like a unique piece of artwork or framed photo. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and it will be something that they will be able to display in their new home as a married couple.

Wine Lovers Gift Sets

A wine lovers gift set can be the perfect engagement party gift idea for a couple who loves wine. Wine gift sets often include a variety of different wines and complimentary treats. They are usually themed or categorized by wine type and/or location.

More Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples

Personalized Gifts for the Couple

Looking for a gift that's a little more special? Consider personalizing your present for the couple. There are lots of great gifts that can be personalized and sent right to your home. Or you can have the items delivered right to the couple, gift wrapped and all! Personalizing a gift is a special way to let the couple know how much you care. Here are some personalized gift ideas to get you started.

Funny Engagement Gifts

Is your newly engaged couple already stressing about the wedding? Lighten the mood with a gag engagement gift that will surely make them laugh and remember that the engagement can also be a time of joy! When considering a funny gift, just make sure that you know your recipient well, you wouldn't want your light-hearted present to be taken the wrong way. Read more about some great gag engagement gifts that you can order online.

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