Engagement Party Favors

Engagement party favors are completely optional and are given to guests as a way to say thank you for coming and as a keepsake for the celebration. If you are giving party favors, then make sure that there will be a favor given to each guest, so no one feels left out. Or if you feel that not everyone would like a favor, then leave them in a basket or other decorative container near the entrance or exit of the party so that those who want one can pick one up.

If your engagement party is going to be a small, intimate affair, then you can offer your guests a special and personalized party favor. If the engagement party is a big gathering or more casual in nature, then providing a small token of appreciation for everyone can just be a fun way to say thank you.

Personalized Tin of Mints

A tin of mints is a sweet gift for your engagement party favors. Not only is it adorable, but it is also useful! Personalized tins can be ordered online or you can go the do-it-yourself route and create your own labels to stick them over prepackaged tins of mints. If you are making your own personalized tins, then make sure to purchase tins that have a flat front surface without any raised letters or designs so that you can place your label over it with ease.

Personalized Lip Balm

Personalized lip balm, lip butter or lip gloss is a cute and simple way to give your guests a gift for coming to the engagement party. If your engagement party is going to be at the beach or have a summer theme, then it will be even more fitting.

Handmade Soaps

If you are crafty, then you can make your own engagement party favors! Handmade soaps would be a great hit at the party. Labels can be printed with a personal message to your guests and the soaps can be wrapped with colored tissue paper that matches the colors of the party or simply tied with a decorative ribbon and a personalized tag. If you like the idea of soap, but don't have the time or resources to do it yourself, then consider getting some cute personalized soap favors.

Cookie, Brownie, or Other Yummy Treat

Baking a batch of cookies shaped into hearts can be a fun and easy way to give party favors for your guests. You can decorate the cookies with the initials of the bride and groom to make it more personal. Offer the cookies wrapped in cellophane and ribbon and place at each table setting. Or you can set out a basket with all the cookies individually wrapped inside so that guests can pick them up on their way in or out of the party. Instead of cookies you can give little candies or brownies as treats as well.

Silk or Paper Fans

Silk or paper fans could be the perfect party favor if you are hosting the celebration outside on a hot day. The handles of the fans or the fan portion itself can be personalized with details about the event or a message of thanks.

Wine Stopper

If you are planning an engagement party at a winery or are doing a wine tasting for the party, then giving your gifts a wine stopper would complement your theme perfectly. With wine stoppers you can even go a step further and have them personalized with the date or the initials of the couple.

Small Plant or Potted Flowers

A small plant or potted flowers can be a great engagement party favor that will be appreciated long after the party has ended. The plants or flowers can also be used as part of the engagement party decor while the party is going on. A decorative ribbon and tag with the names of the newly engaged are enough to decorate the pot for the occasion.

Custom Save the Date Magnets

A new way to announce the date of your wedding is by giving your guests save-the-date magnets as an engagement party favor. Often one of the biggest questions that newly engaged couples face is: Do you have a date set? So giving out your save-the-dates during the engagement party can be a great way to answer that all consuming question. And since most everyone you are inviting to the wedding will be at the engagement party, you can save a bit of cash by not having to mail out so many save-the-dates; so it's a win-win!

Candles or Candle Holders

Candles or candle holders are also nice and small favors that can be bestowed to the guests at the engagement party. Colored candles can be coordinated to match with the overall color palette of the engagement party to help add to the decor. Candle holders can be customized with the initials or names of the engaged couple to make the favors more personal.

Homemade Jam

Small jars can be purchased inexpensively and homemade jam can be sealed and given as engagement party favors. The labels of the jars can be decorated with the names of the engaged couple or with a simple thank you note for the guest.

Mini Jars of Honey or Jam

Jars of honey or jam can be purchased with personalized labels and can become part of an engagement party theme.

Special BBQ Sauce

If you are throwing a picnic or backyard BBQ for your engagement party, then consider a party favor that is a little more fun. Personalized BBQ sauce bottles are a cool and fun way to send off your guests. Or, if you feel like spicing up the party even more, you can opt for some personalized hot sauce bottles.

Personalized Candy Bars

Personalized candy bars can be fun and inexpensive engagement party favors if you are able to make them yourself. To make them yourself, purchase the candy bars of your choice in bulk and carefully remove the label, leaving the foil covering the candy bar intact, and use the label as a measuring tool to make and print new labels. Re-wrap your candy bars and voila, personalized candy bars!

More Engagement Party Favor Ideas

There are so many different engagement party favor choices that it can be overwhelming to choose the best one! If you are struggling between some party favor ideas, then this might be a good time to enlist a family member or friend to help you decide. There's nothing quite like getting into the spirit of a wedding than getting those closest to you involved in these fun little details.

Engagement Party Planning Ideas

Engagement Party Themes

An engagement party theme is a major thing to consider when choosing your party favors, especially if you want everything to tie in together nicely. If you haven't chosen a theme yet, then that may explain why it's so hard to choose the perfect party favor!

When planning an engagement party, you may want to decide on a theme first, then consider your preferences on engagement party invitations, and, lastly, find the best party favors for your guests.

Of course, there will be a lot of little things to do in-between those three main considerations, but having those three taken care of will help you with figuring out the party decor, party location and so forth.

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