Engagement Party Ideas

The following is a list of some fun and creative engagement party ideas. Whatever theme you should decide, just remember that it is a party, and the most important part is to have fun!

Seasonal Party Ideas

If the engagement was announced during summer or winter, then consider hosting an engagement party that reflects the season of the engagement. For an autumn engagement, fall colors and decor may be a warm and subtle party theme that does not take away from the excitement of the engagement. If it is summer, then a beach or backyard barbeque theme can be fun and casual for the couple and their guests.

Eco-Friendly Theme

You can also consider an eco-friendly themed engagement party, which would be great for an eco-conscious couple. Consider having the food catered from a local restaurant that only uses organic ingredients from local farmers. You can decorate the place with embellished house plants and flowers, instead of purchasing decorations that would just be thrown out after the party is over. Dinner napkins can be different colored cloth napkins that can be used again. There are many ways to reduce waste, recycle and still have a fun party!

Picnic or Backyard BBQ

Location may be a key factor in determining engagement party ideas. If you are thinking about having the engagement party in your backyard or at a park, then you should opt for a more casual theme. If it is summer time, then maybe a pool party can be an option as well.

Culturally Themed Party

If the couple and their families are culturally diverse, then your engagement party ideas can revolve around a cultural theme. Perhaps a wine tasting party with Italian wines with different cheese and artisan breads would be a fun idea for a couple who is heavily influence by the Italian culture. Or sushi and sake for a couple who may have a Japanese background. A culturally themed engagement party can also help to introduce new family and friends to new foods and traditions, especially if cultural traditions will be common throughout the wedding planning phase.

Art or Musical Theme

Is the couple a pair of artists or musicians? Can you incorporate their artistic interests into the party? Perhaps, renting out a small art gallery for the engagement party would be a fitting idea and help to celebrate the couple and their uniqueness. It will also help to eliminate the need to decorate the venue so you can concentrate instead on the food and drinks.

Special Restaurant or Location

If it is a small affair, then a good engagement party idea might include a location or venue that is special to the couple. Can you reserve a table at their favorite restaurant or the lounge where they first met? If the location holds a special place in the hearts of the couple, then it will be a special treat for family members and guests to learn about and enjoy.

Brewery or Winery

An engagement party at a brewery or winery may be fun and relaxing way to celebrate. Some wineries have outside venues that can be reserved for special parties. The brewery or winery will likely have an appetizer or hors d'oeuvres menu that can be served instead of a full dinner. If hosting at a brewery or winery is out of your budget, then consider hosting your own wine tasting. If it is casual, then guests can be asked to bring a bottle of wine to share, this can also ease the question of whether guests should spring for an engagement gift or not.

By the Decade Theme

Decade themes (think the 20's or 80's) are another option for a casual and costumed type of engagement party. Make sure that your guests know that there is a costumed theme so that guests do not feel out of place. Themed parties are also fun because the music and decorations can be set to the theme, making the whole experience even more fun.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are a tried and true way to announce an engagement. The cocktail party is usually held at someone's home or a restaurant. To cut back on expenses, instead of providing access to a full bar, consider having a couple of signature drinks for guests with a variety of sodas and other non-alcoholic drinks to satisfy other palettes. A cocktail party also cuts down on expenses by just offering appetizers or hors d'oeuvres instead of a complete dinner.

Happy Hour Party

If you are planning a really casual engagement party for your friends (sometimes engagement parties for friends are celebrated separate from, often more intimate, engagement parties for family), then you might consider just having a party at a local happy hour. You can serve appetizers for your guests (often discounted during happy hour) and give drink tickets if you would like to pay for drinks as well.

Foodie Themed Party

If the engaged couple are also a couple of foodies, then how about having a food themed engagement party? It can be a Spanish tapas party, complete with red and white sangria! Or maybe a Greek-themed party with wrapped grape leaves, hummus, marinated olives and lots of wine! Foodies parties are fun because not only is the food delicious, but it is also a fun way to plan a very specific type of menu with the couple in mind.

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