Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement parties are the perfect place for the couple to formally announce their engagement to their closest friends and family members. Parties are usually thrown soon after the proposal and long before the wedding shower and wedding. While traditionally the bride's parents would host the engagement party, nowadays, there is no hard-fast rule about who should host.

The party is usually meant for the families of the bride and groom-to-be to meet one another for the first time, so sometimes the guests may be limited to just family members, but again, traditions are changing and in these modern times it is not uncommon for a couple to have an engagement party to celebrate their announcement with family members and another one to celebrate with their friends.

One of the first steps in planning an engagement party involves deciding on the date, time and place. Once that is decided, then the fun begins with finding the perfect engagement party invitation. An invitation is a great way to set the overall vibe of the party. Will it be a formal dinner party? Or will it be a beach party with a bonfire at sundown? An invitation is the best way to let your engagement party guests know exactly what they should expect.

Engagement invitations can be easily created and personalized online to include all the details of the party. Even if you find the perfect invite and it's for a anniversary party or Valentine's Day party, most of the time, it can still be customized with your own text, so don't be discouraged if you see an invite that is meant for a different celebration because chances are you can change it!

Photo Engagement Party Invitation

A fun photo of the happy couple can definitely take center stage on an engagement party invite. The invite recipient will probably know exactly what the invite is for once he or she sees the couple's smiling faces. Photo invitations are always welcomed by family members because it gives them an official invite to the party, but even more importantly, they get a picture of the couple! Photo invites are more likely to be kept as a lovely memento of the engagement announcement.

Cocktail Party

A cocktail party invite definitely lets the invited guests know that the event will be more of an adult party than a family event. A cocktail party themed invite may also be a great if the couple is hosting an engagement party for just their friends and co-workers. The right cocktail party invitation can be more trendy and sophisticated so that the guests will know dress up a little and be prepared to party!

Dinner Party

A dinner party could be a good way to approach an engagement party if the hosts do not expect a lot of guests. A dinner party might be considered a more formal affair, but it could be more casual depending on the impression that the invitation gives the guests. A small dinner party could be perfect if bride and groom-to-be both have small families and they have yet to meet one another. An intimate party makes it more likely that the new families will have a chance to really talk and get to know one another.

Backyard / BBQ Engagement Party

When the weather is just right, an engagement party could be a lot of fun if it's held in the backyard as a backyard BBQ. This would be a great party theme if the couple is hoping for a low-key and casual event. If the hosts are working on a tight budget, then it might be fun to turn the event into a potluck.

Seasonal Party

An easy theme to have for an engagement party could be to play up the current season. A spring, summer, fall or winter themed engagement party could help dictate the overall vibe of the party and what type of decor should be used for the party.

A spring or summer themed party could easily be held in the backyard, in a nearby park or even at the beach. An autumn or winter themed party could be held at a winery, local lounge or even as a holiday party at someone's home.

Pool Party

Pool parties are a great way to celebrate an engagement, especially if the weather makes it a no-brainer! Everyone loves a pool party, so it could definitely be a good way to welcome friends and family members of all ages. If you are expecting young children to attend, then you should plan on having a designated adult to supervise the pool activities for the duration of the party.

You should be mindful of the amount of guests that you anticipate because it would be a good idea to have enough beach towels, pool toys, floaties and other pool accessories available. A pool party is also a great excuse to bring out the BBQ to grill up some grub for the guests.

More Engagement Party Invitation Ideas

Engagement party invites don't necessarily have to fall into any one theme or category. The invitation could simply be a design that captures the personality of the couple or a design that offers an insight as to what kind of party the guests can expect.

A more formal invitation may indicate to the guest that they should dress up and, perhaps, come prepared with a short toast to give for the couple and a bottle of wine. A more relaxed and playful invite may indicate that the party will be more casual. So if you want to portray a certain vibe that you hope the party will have, then you should choose an invitation that matches.

More Engagement Party Ideas

Fun Engagement Party Favors

Want to take your engagement party to the next level? Consider giving a cool little engagement party favor to your guests! The favors can match the theme of your party and can be personalized to honor the newly engaged couple. If that's a bit much, checking out favors can help you think of a cool party theme if you haven't already.

Or if you are super crafty, browsing through favors can spark some ideas of favors that you can make on your own for your guests! A special little favor can be a fun way to thank your guests for coming and to give them a little memento to take with them.

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