Funny Engagement Gifts

Funny engagement gifts will certainly make a splash at an engagement party. And if the couple is already stresses about the wedding planning, then the gift will be a great way to lighten the mood. They will likely be going through a roller coaster of emotions when thinking about the wedding, so a gag engagement gift, will be a great way to give them a chance to laugh a little.

If the engagement party gift is a little risque or off-colored, then it may be better to give them the present privately or during an event where they wouldn't be embarrassed to open it in front of their grandmother or other relatives.

When getting funny or gag gifts for the couple, it may be wise to consider their personalities to make sure that they will not take it the wrong way. And if you find that they did not get the humor of the wedding engagement gift, be quick to offer an apology and let them know that the gift was meant in jest and was not meant to insult or offend.

Mr. Right and Mrs. (Always) Right Personalized Gifts

These are fun because not only do they play on the humorous adage of the woman always being right, but they can also be personalized with the couples' names. And being a present that they can actually use, it's sure to garner a chuckle in the future as well.

Cookbook made of Restaurant Menus

A funny gift can be presenting the couple with a "cookbook" that is simply a collection of take-out menus from local restaurants in take-out menu organizer. This engagement gift should not be given if you think it may insult their cooking skills. But if you know that the couple loves to eat out and try new places, then it might turn out to be funny and useful. If you want, you can include a real cookbook for couples with the gag gift as a way to balance out the humor.

Marriage Rules and Warning Signs

Marriage can be tough. So sometimes it helps to set some ground rules before taking the plunge. You can help the couple carve out some rules to consider with these funny tin wall signs. These awesome signs will be sure to get more than just a chuckle from the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Tongue-in-Cheek Guides to Being a Good Husband or Wife

Does your favorite couple have a great sense of humor? Do you suspect they could use something to tickle their funny bone? Then consider these funny retro how-to guides on how to be a good husband or wife. If you are going to a co-ed wedding shower, then these funny little books will be a hit!

Ear Plugs, Sleeping Masks, and other Sleep Aids

Ear plugs, sleeping masks and other sleep aids can be a funny gift if you know that the future husband (or wife) snores. These funny engagement gifts can be put into a decorated box and labeled "Bedroom Survival Kit," which may have people assuming that the engagement presents inside are a little risque, but they will be more funny than sexy in this case.

Ball and Chain Toy

A ball and chain toy can be given to the groom-to-be or even the bride-to-be as a play on the common clique that marriage is like a prison. If you are planning to present this to the groom-to-be and you may be hesitant to do so when his fiance is present, then consider saving it for the bachelor party or another event where you can give it to him in private. Although if you do want to present the gift in front of others, consider giving the groom the ball and chain and giving the bride the keys - that way both of them are recipients of the funny gifts.

Marriage Guides / How-to Books

A car comes with a manual. A blender comes with a manual. Heck, even shampoo has directions! So why isn't there a manual for marriage? These may be some of questions running through the minds of your newly engaged couple. Even if they aren't pondering those exact questions, you can get them a marriage manual anyways! Who doesn't want a lighthearted way to reflect on one of the biggest commitments made in one's life?

Wedding Survival Kit

Wedding survival kits actually do exist as gag engagement gifts and as a serious gift for the bride. There are even wedding survival books that can be a gag engagement gift. You can browse through different wedding survival kits online or you can put together a wedding survival kit yourself with serious and funny items, such as a sewing kit, shot glasses, miniature single servings of alcohol, aspirin and other funny items.

Funny T-Shirts

Funny t-shirts can be hilarious engagement gifts for the groom or bride-to-be. There are funny tuxedo t-shirts for guys, and t-shirts with funny sayings like "Mrs. Always Right" for the ladies. If you have the time, you can even design your own t-shirt to say things like "Property of [insert name of bride]" or "Off the Market."

Personalized Clothing

If you want to take funny clothing a step further, there are ways that you can personalize clothing including unmentionables. So if you have some extra time, consider ordering some personalized clothing for the couple.

Funny Wedding Cake Topper

A funny wedding cake topper can be a great gift for the engaged couple and will sure to make them laugh. There are a lot of funny cake toppers to choose from and can also be given to them along with a more serious personalized cake cutting set or other wedding related item.

Two Universal Television Remotes

The battle of the remote controls has always been a funny aspect of marriage. Why not take the battle a step further by giving the engaged couple two universal remote controls!

This is an inexpensive funny engagement gift that will be sure to garner a few laughs. This can also be an accompanying gift if you are thinking about getting the couple a few of their favorite DVDs or favorite TV series as an engagement present as well.

Funny Wedding Day Books

A wedding is a hectic day for the bride, groom, bridal party, and many others. And here are some hilarious books where men and women recount their funny adventures before, during and after walking down that aisle. And what better gift to give the soon-to-be bride and groom than horror stories of others' weddings?! They'll love it!

Funny Engagement Cards

Okay, so if some of these gag gifts may be too much and you would much rather get the couple something useful, but still have that itch to give them something to laugh about then consider including a funny engagement greeting card with your gift! A funny card is a great and low-key way to bring some humor to a fun situation. And if it is given with a more sentimental or thoughtful gift, then they will certainly not take offense.

Preparing them for Sexy Interludes

An erotic gift set, bedroom manuals and bedroom games can be a very risque and funny gift to give to the engaged couple. It may be wise to give it to them while they are around their peers, not their family, so that everyone can see them blush just a little. To embarrass them even further, remind them that the gift set is not to be used until after they are married.

Do it Yourself Marriage Survival Kit

A marriage survival kit can be put together by you and some of your friends. Consider including some funny engagement gifts from this list and adding your own items to ensure a happy marriage; they may include gift certificates to restaurants, a gift certificate to a nail salon, and other items to help keep the future husband and wife sane through the beginnings of their married life together.

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