Golf Gifts for Men and Women

Planning a wedding can be stressful for the engaged couple. There is just so much to do and their to-do list probably grows with each passing day. To help alleviate some stress, you might consider getting them some cool golf gear. If your couple loves to golf, then giving them a fun gift related to their favorite pastime will give them a free pass to take the day off and enjoy hitting a few rounds.

Golf related engagement gifts can also be the perfect gift for a co-worker or client because it's a special way to congratulate him or her without giving them a gift that may be too personal. It's an especially great gift if you often golf with the newly engaged man or woman, they'll appreciate the thoughtful and kind gesture.

Funny Golf Gifts

To some, golf is very serious game, but for many, it's a fun sport to play with friends and family! For the serious or not-so serious golfer, here are some cool and funny gifts that will definitely make he or she smile. These are especially awesome gifts if your favorite golfer already has all the accessories, gadgets and golf goodies out there.

Golf Themed Gift Basket

Gifts baskets always make for great engagement gifts! Nowadays there are specialized gift baskets for nearly every type of interest, including golf. A golf gift basket could be the perfect gift to give if you live far away from the couple or are looking for a fun engagement gift for a co-worker or associate.

Personalized Golf Tags

Personalized golf tags can be a simple gift for a frequent golfer. It can be paired with a free round golf or new golf balls to make the engagement present even more fun.

Personalized Golf Towel

A personalized golf towel can be a fun and low-key way to congratulate a fellow golfer on his or her engagement. It is practical and there will be no mistaking whose golf towel it is. A personalized golf towel is perfect if you do not know the newly engaged very well, but know that he or she loves the game. This can also be great for just a golfing buddy or frequent newly engaged player at your course.

Personalized Crystal Golf Ball

A crystal golf ball can be a great way to celebrate an engagement if both the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be are both golf lovers.

You can inscribe it with a special message congratulating them on their engagement. It is a beautiful way to display their love for one another and also their love for the game!

Golf GPS Navigation Unit

A handheld golf GPS unit can be the perfect engagement present for a golfer who has it all! Many of these units come with pre-loaded golf courses, some require an annual subscription for updated maps and others do not. This can be an awesome present for a golfer who travels a lot and visits golf courses all over the world. It can help a player become acquainted with an unknown course in an instant!

Personalized Golf Polo Shirt

Avid golfers can never have too many polo shirts. If the wedding will be taking place on a golf course or near a course, then your favorite player will have an excuse to break in his or her new threads soon. A golf polo shirt can be a nice gift because it is an item that can be used over and over again.

Personalized Golf Shoe Bag

A personalized golf shoe bag will make a really nice engagement gift for an avid golfer. It will give your golfer a stylish way to store his or her golf shoes and it is a gift that will be used for many years to come. A personalized shoe bag will make a unique and practical present.


Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized golf balls can be a nice treat for a newly engaged man or woman. Golf balls can be customized with the person's initials, a special congratulations message and even a picture! The variations of personalization can make the customized in such a way to make the present truly unique.

Personalized Golf Club Covers

Personalized golf club covers can a fun and useful gift for the golf-loving bride or groom-to-be. It is be both practical and unique.

Personalized Golf Tees

Personalized golf tees can make a really fun and useful gift - or if the couple is planning a golf themed engagement party or celebration, then these personalized golf tees can even be used as favors for the guests!

More Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

Personalized Gifts for the Couple

A personalized gift can make for a great engagement present! There are tons of cool items that you can personalize like holiday ornaments, throw pillows, wine glasses and more.

Engagement Gift Baskets

If you don't live near the couple, then consider sending them a fun gift basket that they will be able to enjoy together. There are wonderful themed baskets for all tastes, so you'll be sure to find something that your couple will love! Gift baskets are also great for clients and other acquaintances that you want to congratulate.

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