Irish Engagement Gifts

Irish engagement gifts for the newly engaged couple can be a fun and symbolic way to celebrate with them. Irish history and culture is very rich with many traditions dating back centuries. If the engaged couple is Irish, then it is nice that you will also be celebrating their heritage.

Here are some Irish-themed engagement gifts that you can offer to show them how happy and excited you are that they are getting married. Many of these engagement gift ideas can also be given as Irish wedding gifts if you do not have a chance to see them before their big day.

You can also explore personalized Irish gifts if you want to make their present extra special.

Irish Plaque with Proverbs or Sayings

An Irish plaque with a proverb or Irish blessing will a wonderful Irish engagement gift. The couple will be able to celebrate their Irish heritage with the item in their home and it can be a great conversation starter for visitors and guests. A funny Irish saying will also be a way to brighten up their day!

Irish Cultural History / Coffee Table Books

The Irish culture and history is deep and rich, just like the landscape of Ireland itself. If the couple is becoming more interested in their own cultural background now that they are engaged, it may be a wonderful engagement present idea to give the couple with a book on Irish history or a photography book on Ireland for them to enjoy. Irish gifts that can reconnect the engaged couple to their roots would be a refreshing and unique engagement gift idea.

Linen Handkerchiefs

Traditional Irish linen handkerchiefs can be a great wedding engagement gift for a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be, especially since there will likely be many tears of joy shed throughout the engagement and wedding. You can even go a step further and have the handkerchiefs embroidered with their names, a special message or their wedding date to make it a more personalized present.


A four leaf clover is known as a symbol of good luck. While the three leaf clover, or a shamrock, is said to have been used by Saint Patrick to represent the Holy Trinity. Either a three or four leaf clover gift can be presented to the engaged couple to offer them luck and faith for the future. These lucky charms can come in the form of a pendant for the bride-to-be, cufflinks for the groom-to-be, a pair of key rings or some other accessory.

Irish Prints or Art

An Irish print or art piece would be a great addition to the newly engaged couple's home. The print can showcase Irish culture or display the beauty of Ireland. Many fun prints can also be purchased for display in an Irish kitchen or home bar area.

Feadog Whistle

A feadog whistle is a traditional Irish whistle that is manufactured in Ireland. If your engaged couple enjoys Irish music or are musically inclined, then a beautiful feadog whistle can be a wonderful gift that they can use or put out on display. Some feadog whistles come with instruction books for learning how to play the instrument.

Celtic Wedding Items

If your engaged couple is planning an Irish-inspired wedding, then an Irish gift that can contribute to the wedding may be one of the best engagement gifts they will receive. There are Irish inspired cake toppers, Celtic toasting flutes, cake serving sets and other items that the couple will be grateful to have for their wedding.

Irish Gift Box or Bag

If you are unsure of what type of Irish-related gift to give the newly engaged couple, then you may consider opting for an Irish related gift box. An Irish gift box can be a lot of different things. Some gift boxes are meant to plant and grow Irish clover and others may include treats from Ireland.

Celtic Household Items

Getting the home established will be a fun activity for the engaged couple. Celtic inspired items for the home will make creative gifts that allow them to pay homage to their heritage. A Celtic household gift may be a beautiful piece of tapestry that they can hang, a Celtic chime that they can display on their porch or in their backyard, a treasure box for all of their valuable goodies, a vase or other items that will really make their house a home.

Irish Cookbooks

Irish recipes aren't just for St. Patrick's Day. If your engaged couple loves to cook and are interested in Irish recipes, then why not jump start their cookbook collection with one dedicated to Irish recipes? An Irish themed cookbook will be a wonderful party gift because it will give them new and traditional Irish recipes that they can test out and enjoy together!

Celtic Kitchenware

Celtic kitchenware can make a wonderful and unique engagement gifts for the couple, especially if they spend a lot of time cooking or entertaining guests in their home. Celtic kitchenware can be as simple as drink coasters, salt and pepper shakers, or more extravagant items such as serving trays, goblets and cookware.

Irish Gift Baskets

Irish gift baskets are full of goodies that anyone, Irish or not, would definitely enjoy. Irish gift baskets are a convenient item that you can have sent to the newly engaged couple if you do not live nearby.

Celtic Cufflinks / Tie Pin / Lapel Pin

Cufflinks with a Celtic design can be a really nice gift for the Irish groom-to-be. If he already has cufflinks that he is planning on wearing for the wedding, then you might consider getting him another Celtic accessory, such as a tie pin, button covers, or lapel pin, that he can wear.

Irish Jewelry Box

An Irish or Celtic inspired jewelry box can make a lovely present for the bride-to-be. She will be able to store her treasured jewelry and be reminded of her heritage.

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