Personalized Engagement Gifts

If you know the couple well, it might be nice to consider giving them a personalized engagement gift. A personalized gift can be a great way to also celebrate their union by highlighting their soon-to-be shared married name or even their wedding date.

With a customized present, you will be giving them something unique and unique engagement gifts are more likely to be remembered long after the wedding bells have stopped ringing.

Photo Frame

A personalized photo frame will encourage the couple to find the perfect photo to put on display. Special memories should never be forgotten and to provide the newly engaged couple with a place to start collecting and displaying their memories will be a wonderful engagement gift idea.

If you have a bit of time before giving the couple their picture frame, then you might consider personalizing it with a special note, verse or poem. All you need to do is get a piece of paper and cut it the same size as the picture in the frame, then jot down your note and place it inside of the frame instead of the standard placeholder photo. This gives you a chance to give the couple your personalized sentiments on their marriage and will be a special surprise when the couple opens up your gift.

Champagne Flutes (with Champagne!)

Personalized champagne flutes are the perfect engagement gift because the couple will be able to use them for their wedding toasts when the time comes. It can also represent the beginnings of their life together as they will likely start collecting more nice glassware and personalized keepsakes from others as the wedding draws near.

Bath Robes

Bath robes embroidered with the couples' names are a cute gift to give when celebrating an engagement. If the couple already lives together, then they can start enjoying the gift together right away. His and hers bathrobes will always garner an appreciative thanks!

Pillow Cases

Personalized pillow cases are an adorable engagement gift idea. As a married couple they will be sharing their lives together, pillowcases are a cute and symbolic way to embrace their relationship.

A new set of customized pillowcases can also be a fantastic present if the couple will be moving into their own place together soon after the wedding. How fun would it be for the couple to celebrate their first night in their new home with these awesome pillowcases?

Wine Stopper

A personalized wine stopper is a practical and fun gift for the newly engaged couple. They will likely enjoy celebrating throughout their engagement with a nice bottle of wine, and a wine stopper is a sweet reminder that you are also celebrating with them!

Personalized Wedding Related Goodies

Celebrate the upcoming wedding date with these special custom-made items. Or if you have a crafty streak, you might consider getting some material and creating your own wedding platter for guests to sign! There are so many unique ways to celebrate the big day and if the newly engaged couple love the arts, then giving them a beautiful artistic piece of work for their wedding would be perfect! And it may be something they may want displayed during their special event.

Coffee Mugs

Is your newly engaged couple caffeine fanatics? A pair of personalized coffee mugs can be the perfect gift for them to enjoy! Wedding planning may require some late night planning sessions, so a sweet reminder of their impending union through adorable coffee mugs may be just what they need.

Personalized Gift Basket

If you know the couple really well and are put off by the idea of getting them a wine or tea gift basket, consider making your own! You can load it up with lots of fun stuff that they can enjoy like their favorite movies, bottle of their favorite wine, a wine opener, a box of their favorite chocolate - and really anything that they would appreciate. If they love gardening, then you can prepare a special springtime gift baskets with seeds, cute decorated pots, two pairs of gardening gloves, and other fun gardening accessories.

Gift baskets can be a lot of fun to put together, especially if you can get a few friends to contribute, but if you don't have the time and still like the idea of a gift baskets, then there are lots of different themed engagement gift baskets that you can purchase online and have delivered right to the happy couple.

Another cool idea that you might consider if you are thinking about taking the time to create a gift basket is making a wedding survival kit. These are great little kits that can save the day if there is a mini crisis on the day of the wedding. Many of these kits have items like a sewing kit, bobby pins, mini toiletries and all sorts of other goodies. And if the items don't get used on the day of the wedding, then the couple will always be able to use them later or bring the kit on their honeymoon!

Photo Album

A personalized photo album for their wedding or even their honeymoon is a fun way to remind them that they need to take lots of pictures so that they can remember all those special moments for years to come. And the photo album will be something they will be able to share with their families and their children.

Personalized Drinkware

Personalized glassware is a nice way to congratulate the couple on their new milestone. There are many unique engagement gifts along the lines of personalized drinkware, so you will be able to find something that will match the style of the soon-to-be bride and groom.

Custom Made Artistic Pieces

Custom made wares make a truly unique engagement gift. There are a lot of fun ways that you can honor the union of the couple. You can have a custom made piece that highlights their wedding date, their names or initials and even their new joint surname.

Desk or Mantle Clock

An engraved clock for the couple's mantle is a nice way to congratulate a couple who has decided to spend the rest of their lives together. A clock can be used to symbolize the time that will be shared as the partners commit to one another, and since it is placed over a mantle in a shared home, it can become a great symbol of commitment.

Journals Just for Couples

These journals made especially for couples may not be personalized, but they will be certainly unique because they are created as a special space where couples can share their feelings and record their favorite moments. The beginning of a marriage is a very intimate journey and a newly engaged couple would love to have a place where they can keep their thoughts and eventually look back upon the details for their past.

These journals would make a lovely gift for a couple who enjoys writing or expressing themselves artistically. While some couples may capture their moments through photographs, others may prefer words. So if you are looking for a creative engagement present that they couple will be able to make uniquely their own, then consider one of these great journals for couples.

Personalized Coasters

Monogrammed coasters are a cool and practical way to celebrate with the new couple! As an engagement gift, it will be an item that embraces the near future when the couple will become a family together. If your couple likes to host parties, then they will love the practicality that comes with monogrammed coasters.

Ice Buckets

A personalized ice bucket is a useful and fun gift to give to a couple who enjoys to entertain. A monogrammed ice bucket or an ice buckets that has their future shared name engraved on it will be a great addition to their home bar. Guests will likely comment on how cool a personalized ice bucket is and, of course, you, the gift giver, will be happy to know that you are offering them a gift that they will be able to use for a long time.

Engraved Cake Cutting Set

An engraved cake cutting set or a customized unity candle can make for a beautiful gift for the newly engaged couple. Not only are personalized wedding items thoughtful, but they will be useful when the wedding finally rolls around and it is one less thing the couple will need to stress over when planning.

Personalized Wall Art

Personalized wall art would make a great engagement present for a couple who may be moving into their first place together. A beautiful constant reminder of their love and commitment to one another is a fabulous way to ensure that their new house will truly become their home.

Many of these personalized pieces of art require only the names of the couple, but there are plenty of other personalized pieces that can be customized with the couple's wedding date and even location, so you have a great variety of ways to create a gift that they will be able to proudly display forever.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Christmas ornaments are cute and simple engagement gifts. An ornament can be customized with the couple's name and their wedding date so that they can celebrate their marriage date every time a holiday season comes around. A holiday ornament can be especially appropriate if the couple is marrying in the fall or early winter because then they will be able to use the ornament right away.

Wedding Guest Book

A personalized wedding guest book is a great way to get the newly engaged couple excited about the upcoming wedding. It also helps to relieve some stress when the wedding planning starts to get underway - meaning one less thing to worry about!

Wedding Certificate Frame or Holder

A personalized or engraved wedding certificate frame or holder is a really nice gift for a newly engaged couple. It will give them something to look forward to putting together once the ceremony and wedding are complete and it is totally official.

More Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas

Personalized Gifts Under $25

One of the advantages to purchasing gifts online is that you can save a ton of money. While many personalization boutiques charge extra for engraving and personalizing a gift, there are plenty of online retailers that do not. Or, if they do, then they can be still be more reasonable than a brick-and-mortar engraving shop.

Here is a collection of affordable personalized gifts, which leaves you no excuse for not getting a cool customized present for the happy couple.

Personalized Engagement Gifts for Her

If you are closer to the bride-to-be than the groom, then there are lots of different personalized presents that you can surprise her with. Many women are so overwhelmed with wedding planning that a special personalized gift can be a great way to brighten her day.

Personalized Engagement Gifts for Him

Personalized presents for men would be perfect for a newly engaged brother, friend, or co-worker. When a wedding engagement is announced many times the focus stays on the couple or the bride-to-be, so if you are looking for a way to make your newly engaged guy feel included, then consider getting him a custom engagement gift.

Personalized Irish Engagement Gifts

Personalized Irish presents would make a very thoughtful gift for a couple who cherishes their heritage. The couple will be thrilled to receive your customized gift, especially if they've been receiving a bunch of traditional engagement gifts.

Personalized Golf Gifts

Couples who love to golf are a special breed and one way to celebrate their love for one another and their love for the game is to present them with some great golf gifts that they both can enjoy! Celebrating the couple and their shared interests is a great route to go if the couple already has everything they could ever want. Customized golf accessories or fun golf gadgets can make a cool gift that they will be sure to remember.

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