Personalized Engagement Gifts Especially for Her

Looking for a way to make an engagement gift for the bride-to-be extra special? Consider personalizing the gift with her name, future married name or wedding date!

Or you can celebrate the engagement period by customizing an item with "Bride-to-be," "Wife-to-be," "Getting Hitched" or some other fun phrase. There are even items that can be personalized with a special poem or verse. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Customizing an item is easier than ever before. There are plenty of online stores that offer personalization so that your gift arrives ready to give right out of the box. Your gift can be just for her to enjoy or you can consider a gift that both halves may enjoy using in the future. Whatever the case may be, your newly engaged woman will be amazed at your thoughtfulness.

Here are some great personalized engagement presents that will be sure to bring her joy.

Bath Towel / Bathrobe

A luxurious bath robe or towel will make a fantastic gift for a newly engaged woman because it will be a quality gift that is just for her to enjoy. And with the obstacle of planning a wedding on the horizon, it's certain that she'll appreciate a gift that allows her to just relax and lounge around for a bit.

Although if you are getting her special robe, be prepared to hear jealous cries from her soon-to-be hubby, and if that happens, then you know what you can get him for an upcoming birthday or holiday!

Fun Personalized Aprons

Aprons can make a fun gift for a woman who loves to cook! And if she often hosts parties at her home, then how adorable would a personalized apron be? There are even cute personalized aprons for the bride and groom that would be a hit at any engagement or bridal shower!

An apron can also make a great companion item for her if she's registered for cookware or kitchen gadgets because then you can get her something that she really wants and spoil her with something extra.

Wall Art to Celebrate the Couple!

A personalized gift just for her doesn't mean that you can't celebrate the couple! If the newly engaged woman is simply beside herself because she is preparing the marry the love of her life, then she will be absolutely ecstatic if she received a gift that celebrates the pair as a married couple.

There are also a ton of otherĀ personalized gift ideas for the coupleĀ if you would prefer to get a gift that both the bride and groom-to-be can enjoy.

Recipe Box

If your bride-to-be is a pro in the kitchen, then consider a beautifully personalized recipe box. A recipe box can be a great way to get her started on collecting her favorite family recipes as well as have a spot for her own specialties. If you would like to make it even more personal, you can consider getting some of her favorite family members to contribute to the recipe box so that it already includes some special recipes offered with love.

Gardening Goodies

For an avid gardener, the clear choice would be some cool gardening tools and other goodies. Personalized items that are geared toward her favorite hobbies are a nice twist on the typical gift, especially if she already has everything she would need. Along with giving her something that she can use, new gardening goodies can be a subtle reminder for her to take some time out during the hectic wedding planning process to slow down and relax.

Jewelry Box

A personalized jewelry box can be a great gift for a woman who has a growing jewelry collection. A small jewelry box may become a very special place where she keeps her favorite accessories. Or a larger jewelry box can be a nice surprise if she doesn't have a place to keep all of her pieces already.

Shoe Bag

A personalized shoe bag is a fun and unique engagement gift for her. It can be personalized with her name-to-be or simply with "Bride." If you know she is having a beach wedding, then a cute pair of sandals along with the bag would make a super cute gift. And she can use the bag to carry that oh-so-important piece of her wedding ensemble: the wedding shoes!

Make-up / Cosmetic Bag

A personalized make-up bag can be a fun and practical engagement gift for a newly engaged woman. It will be a cool and easy way for her to carry around her make-up to all the events leading up to the wedding. You can personalize it with her name, future name or even just Bride. It will be distinguishable from her other travel bags and a nice reminder of her engagement.


A locket is a beautiful gift to give a bride-to-be. The locket can be personalized with a special quote about love or friendship. It can become a constant reminder for her about what is important in life and love. You can place special photos inside of the locket for her before giving it to her or you can leave it up to her to find her favorite photos. Either way a locket is a lovely gift for her that she will be sure to treasure.

Lingerie Bag

Having a personalized lingerie bag is perfect for traveling and storing her unmentionables. It can be personalized with her first name or even Mrs. and her future name. This is great for a girl who travels a lot and is not only adorable, but totally practical! With the lingerie bag you can also include some fun panties or camisoles inside!

Flower Pot or Watering Can

Does your bride-to-be love to garden? How about getting her a personalized flower pot or watering can? Consider some fun personalized phrases related to love, such as "Love Blooms Forever" or "May Your Love Grow Always." It can be a low-key way to say congratulations on her engagement. You can even include seeds for her favorite type of flower.


As a future bride-to-be, she will be taking tons of notes! Why not give her a fun set of personalized notebooks? She can jot down all of her ceremony and reception ideas, not to mention notes about honeymoon destinations, bridal shower ideas and even wedding dress sketches. Her special wedding notes are probably some keepsakes that she will have long after the wedding, so having personalized notebooks are a great way to start the wedding planning off right!

Water Bottle

A personalized water bottle is a great green gift for a girl on the go! This reusable aluminum water bottle comes in three different styles so that you can choose the right one for your bride-to-be. She can take it everywhere! To her bridal shower, to the gym, to work and even on her honeymoon! It is reusable, so she can use it over and over again - no more buying and throwing out plastic water bottles! Personalize it with her name, future name or even "Bride-to-Be."

Purse Holder

A personalized purse holder can make for a great and practical gift! What woman hasn't had the awkward experience of not knowing where to place her purse when at a bar or restaurant? This little compact purse holder can be a lifesaver! You can choose an initial to have the purse holder personalized, it can be the first initial of her first name or last initial of her last name or future last name.

Tote Bag

A personalized tote bag can be a spot-on gift for the bride-to-be. It can be used to tote around all the necessities needed for planning an upcoming wedding. But it can also be used to pack for a weekend getaway or a fun outing at the beach. Tote bags always make a great gift, and a personalized bag can be the perfect way to make the gift extra special.

More Engagement Gift Ideas for Her

Engagement Gifts for Her

An engagement present is a fun way to congratulate your favorite gal after hearing the good news or it can be something to present to her at the engagement party or bridal shower. There are tons of wonderful gift ideas just for her that could relate to her favorite hobbies or items that may become part of her wedding ceremony. Many brides-to-be receive champagne flutes or wedding accessories during their bridal shower from friends and family who want to offer a gift that can be used during the big day. If you're looking for more ideas, then read on.

Engagement Gift Baskets for Her

Gift baskets are a simple and fast way to offer your congrats to a newly engaged woman. Engagement gift baskets for her can also be an appropriate gift for a co-worker or colleague who you would like to congratulate, but maybe do not know well enough to get a personalized gift. So if you're short on time and ideas, then check out these fun gift baskets.

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