Personalized Engagement Gifts for Him

Want to spoil a newly engaged man? Then consider getting a fun personalized engagement gift just for him!

Often times, after an engagement is announced, the focus tends to be on the woman or the couple together. So it's not very often that a guy might get some of the limelight. If you know the guy personally and want to congratulate him on the good news, then consider putting in that little extra effort of getting him a customized engagement present.

There are many keepsake items that can be engraved for the occasion. For instance, a new set of monogrammed cufflinks or an engraved watch would be gifts that he can use and cherish long after the wedding. Or you might consider some quality gifts that relate to one of his hobbies like specialized golf or traveling gear.

Watch / Cufflink Case

A personalized watch or cufflink case can make a nice and useful present for a man who likes to collect accessories. A case will ensure that all of his favorite pieces are in one place and it will help to keep the items in pristine condition.

If you suspect that he will be receiving keepsake gifts for the wedding, then presenting him with a new watch or cufflink case can a great gift that he can use right away.

Personalized Golf Gear

Golf is a favorite pastime for many men and women, so if your newly engaged guy can usually be found on the course when not at home or work, then getting him some personalized golf gifts will be well received.

Golf gifts, personalized or not, make great engagement presents for a co-worker or client that you may want to congratulate in some way, but do not know him well enough to get anything too personal. A small little congratulatory gift will be appreciated and, if you know that he loves golf, then it may be a bit easier to find that perfect little something.

Funny Personalized Aprons

Personalized gifts don't have to be sentimental, they can always be hilarious! These personalized aprons would be awesome for a guy who likes to cook or grill because then he'll have no excuse and have to wear it for the next party!

If you do want to get a sentimental gift, but like the idea of a gag engagement gift, then consider getting him both! There's no rule that says you can't tug at his heartstrings and tickle his funny bone.

Personalized Lighter

A nice engraved lighter is a great and low-key present for a guy. The added bonus is that the lighter can be re-used, so it can cut down on the need for buying another lighter or matches.

Personalized Loungewear

Spoil the newly engaged man with some quality loungewear that he would probably never purchase for himself. A luxurious bathrobe or a great pair of slippers can make a great gift for a man who has everything.

Cigar Gifts and Accessories

Sometimes enjoying a nice cigar is a fantastic way to celebrate a happy occasion. And if your special guy enjoys a nice cigar every once in a while, then a fun cigar accessory can make a thoughtful present.

Fun Personalized Grill Master Goodies

Looking for a light-hearted engagement present for your favorite grill master? Then how about some cool grilling goodies that he'll be able to use at the next cookout? A quirky chef's hat or his nickname on bbq tools could make a great gift! These barbeque gifts would be even more appropriate if the couple were hosting a casual engagement party in their backyard.

Personalized Toiletries Bag

A travel bag can be a wonderful engagement gift for someone who travels frequently. It is roomy enough to store all the toiletries that he will need and having it personalized with his initials can really make the gift special. It also serves as a very practical gift that he will be able to use often.

A personalized toiletries bag would be even more practical if you know that he and his soon-to-be wife will be going on a trip for their honeymoon. Or if they are planning a destination wedding. So, not only will your gift be cool because it is personalized, but it will serve its purpose soon after the engagement.

Shot Glasses

What better way to celebrate getting engaged than taking some shots with the boys? A monogrammed or engraved shot glass can be fun and commemorative way to celebrate the new engagement.

If the groom-to-be has announced who his best man and groomsmen will be, then personalized shot glasses could make a fun gift for him and his bridal party members!

Personalized Money Clip / Card Holder

Personalized money clips can be a really nice engagement gift for men. If you know the groom-to-be well, then you may have noticed that he is not a wallet-type of guy and so a nice personalized money clip may be just the thing for him. Money clips are not as cumbersome as bulky wallets, so they can make a cool, low-key gift for your favorite guy.

Personalized Garment Bag

Does your groom-to-be travel frequently? Then consider getting him a personalized garment bag. The coming months for him may involve a lot of traveling just getting the wedding planning arrangements taken care of, so a nice personalized garment bag may be put to use very soon.

Personalized Duffel / Weekender Bag

A personalized duffel or travel bag can be the perfect engagement gift for a man who travels frequently. If he is always taking business trips, going to the gym, or getting away for the weekend, then a personalized travel bag can be a practical gift for a newly engaged man.

Engraved Cufflinks

Personalized cuff links can be designed with the newly engaged in mind. Would he like cuff links with his initials? Or is there another symbol that he would like? Perhaps he is Irish and a Celtic symbol may be more personal for him. The great thing about getting him personalized cuff links is that he can wear it on his wedding day and for other special occasions.

Engraved Flask

A monogrammed or engraved flask is another sweet personalized gift that the soon-to-be groom will appreciate. A flask can come in many different styles and designs, so it will be fun choosing a flask to match his style.

More Engagement Gift Ideas for Him

Engagement Gifts for Him

Personalized gifts are not the only way to go when looking for something special for your guy. There are plenty of engagement gifts for men that will be welcomed and appreciated. As long as you put some thought and care into a gift idea that you think he will love, then you can do no wrong.

Engagement Gift Baskets for Him

Engagement gift baskets for men are great for congratulating a client or employee on the good news. Many gift baskets offer a wide variety of gourmet snacks and goodies that any man would love to have! And it could be something that he can share with his soon-to-be wife.

Funny Engagement Gifts

If the engagement party and the wedding planning are getting a little too serious, then consider lightening the mood with some gag engagement gifts. Funny gifts are a great way to help the couple relieve some stress and enjoy a laugh.

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