Personalized Irish Engagement Gifts

A newly engaged couple will no doubt be showered with congrats and gifts. Personalized Irish engagement gifts are a great way to celebrate the joining of the two while also celebrating their shared heritage. So if you are looking for a unique gift that you give to the happy couple, then consider some of these great ideas where you'll be able to customize the item specifically for the soon-to-be husband and wife.

Personalized Irish Cross

An Irish cross can make for an amazing present because it represents unity - which is exactly what an engagement and wedding is all about. This cross can be a great addition to an Irish home and the couple will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift.

Personalized Irish Blessing Frame

A personalized frame is great engagement gift idea for a newly engaged couple. And especially if the frame includes an Irish Blessing. A personalized frame makes for a wonderful gift because the couple can choose to showcase an engagement photo in the frame or wait and find that special wedding photo for the frame.

Personalized Irish Pub Coaster Set

Does your newly engaged enjoy a trip to the local pub? Why not get them their own personalized pub coasters? It will be a fun addition to their home bar and it can be one of the first items in their own to symbolize their new union.

Personalized Doormat

A fun personalized doormat can be a really cool engagement gift because not only does it celebrate the engagement, but it commemorates the union of two people who will be sharing their lives and their home together. Giving the newly engaged couple a doormat is also extremely practical and they will love it because it will be personalized with an Irish theme - what engaged Irish couple wouldn't appreciate that?

Personalized Irish Beer Mugs/ Beer Steins

What engaged Irish couple would not appreciate personalized beer mugs or steins as an engagement present? These mugs/steins would go great in a home bar personalized with their last name or even their name + pub. For example, "O'Connor's Pub." And what would make this personalized engagement gift even better? Well, their favorite Irish beverage, of course!

Engraved Irish Locket Necklaces

An engraved locket can be a wonderful Irish gift for her, as well as a beautiful keepsake. Lockets usually do not have a lot of space to write a long message, but you can personalize it with her name, new surname and maybe the date of her wedding. Some lockets have a couple of spaces where you can insert a photo and it would be super sweet if you were able find a picture of the bride and groom to put in the locket before giving it to the recipient.

Personalized Sun Catcher

A personalized sun catcher can make for a lovely gift for the couple. They can hang it in their kitchen, living room or another sunny spot in their home and be reminded of their new family every time they see it.

Personalized Shot Glasses

Personalized shot glasses are a fun way to celebrate the announcement of an engagement! Shot glasses make for a great addition to any home bar - especially if they are personalized!

Personalized Garden Accessories

Does your newly engaged couple love gardening or entertaining in their backyard? Well then personalized Irish garden stones or a garden flag can be a fun addition to their front or back yard! These make great engagement gifts because they will last a long time and be a constant reminder of the couple's commitment to one another.

Personalized Irish Address Stamps or Labels

What better gift to give to a newly engaged couple than an inked return stamp with a cool shamrock? If your newly engaged couple has already bought a home or are planning on living together in a permanent address after the wedding, then consider getting them an awesome return address stamp that will showcase their new lives together in the same home. The address stamp or labels will be especially appreciated after the wedding when the pair begin writing their thank you notes.

Personalized Throw or Blanket

Irish prayers and blessings always give the reader a warm, fuzzy, and loving feeling. If you love Irish prayers, then you may consider blessing the newly engaged couple with a personalized Irish prayer throw or a new cozy personalized blanket. Either will be a wonderful piece of home decor that they will definitely enjoy for a long time.

Personalized Irish Shamrock Coffee Thermos / Coffee Mugs

Is your newly engaged couple a pair of caffeine addicts? If yes, then it is likely that with all the wedding planning ahead, they will be kicking up their habit big time! So what better gifts to give caffeine addicts than personalized coffee thermos or coffee mugs? Or glassware for making Irish coffees! These are practical and fun gift to give that they will be able to use for a long time.

Personalized Party Tub

What Irish couple doesn't like to party? And what better way to celebrate an engagement than with a personalized party tub? A personalized party tub is a great way to letting the couple know that you are excited about their engagement and are ready to celebrate!

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