Top Engagement Gifts

Looking for the perfect engagement gift? Check out our top ten list for some great ideas!

Finding the perfect gift for a newly engaged couple can be overwhelming. Especially when there are hundreds of gift ideas to browse through. To make things easier, here are the top ten engagement gifts purchased through this site.

Many of the ideas that make up the top ten list are personalized gifts for the couple. Personalizing a gift is a fantastic way to make it unique and memorable. And with so many online shops that offer personalization, it's easy to add that special touch to your present. Plus, personalizing your items online will save you the hassle of taking it to be personalized once it arrives because it will be ready to go right out of the package!

Other popular ideas include decorative pieces for the couple's home. A lovely personalized picture frame or an adorable pillowcase set can be a special reminder of their commitment to one another. If you are unsure of the couple's style, then consider some practical gifts for the home, which is something that any couple will appreciate. A wine stopper or cookbook are splendid gifts to celebrate their upcoming union.

Many young couples may not have their household completely set up, and so including a companion item to one of the top gift ideas can be a generous way to help the couple make their house a home. For instance, if you are considering a nice cookbook for the couple, then you might pair it with new kitchen utensils, a set of bakeware or measuring cups. Regardless, any couple will appreciate your thoughtfulness when they receive their engagement gift.

Bold Loft Pillowcases

These snazzy modern pillowcases are by far the best selling item for newly engaged couples. Who can resist the adorable images splashed across these pillowcases? Any couple will be thrilled to receive these cool cases as a present. A pillowcase set can be an awesome gift for a couple moving into their first home together. Or if you noticed bedding and other linens on their registry, then adding a fun pillowcase set along with their registered items can be a delightful way to make your gift stand out and give their bedding some extra oomph!

There are also other paired items with the same romantic design. Choose from pillowcases, drinking glasses, coffee mugs, t-shirts and other goodies. So if you love the sentiment, but aren't particularly sold on the pillowcases, consider another pair of items for your fun couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Personalized Gifts

Being addressed as Mr. and Mrs. is definitely something that your couple will need to get used to after they wed. And so getting a personalized Mr. and Mrs. engagement gift can be a fun way to celebrate their new salutations. There are some pretty funny Mr. and Mrs. gift ideas, but also plenty that make for a special and customized way to celebrate the happy couple.

Personalized Photo Album

A photo album can be personalized just for the couple in so many ways! You can customize an album to celebrate their big day or you might personalize it for their upcoming honeymoon, especially if you know they are planning an epic trip.

Then again, there's no need to specify an occasion at all, you can personalize an album that just celebrates the couple so they can decide what special memories they will like to keep in their new album. However you decide to customize the album, it's sure to become a treasured keepsake.

Personalized Frame

A personalized frame is a sweet and simple way to congratulate the couple on their engagement. Many gift givers even add a special message inside the frame so that when the couple opens the frame, they will immediately see the note from the gift giver. The note can include a personalized message for the happy couple and fond wishes for their future. Or even a poem or verse that signifies the importance of marriage.

Personalized Ornament

A personalized holiday ornament is a small and affordable engagement gift that all couples will appreciate. It can be especially timely if the couple is planning to marry during the fall or winter. A holiday ornament is a lovely way for the couple to celebrate their first Christmas together and a reminder of their wedding day for each holiday season to come.

Picnic Basket Set

Picnic baskets are a popular engagement gift especially during the spring and summer months. If your couple loves the outdoors or lives near a park or beach, then a picnic basket can make a cool gift. Because, really, who wouldn't want an excuse to have a picnic? And with a beautiful picnic basket, plus picnic accessories, there will always be a good reason to head outside for a romantic outdoor meal!

There are also fun companion items that you can tuck inside the basket for your couple. A nice bottle of wine or champagne, an assortment of cheeses, a weather resistant outdoor blanket or even a little picnic cookbook. Your couple will certainly be ecstatic over receiving such a terrific gift, they'll be planning their next picnic in no time!

Wedding Planning Books

Wedding planning books are a popular gift to give to the soon-to-be bride and/or the groom because engagement parties are usually held soon after the proposal. So a wedding planning book as an engagement present will become useful once the wedding planning is under way, which may happen very soon after the engagement party! Traditionally, the soon-to-be bride is more involved with the wedding planning, but times are changing and there are plenty of great wedding planning books for grooms who want to take part in the planning.

Personalized Wine Stopper

For many people, there's no going wrong with a nice bottle of wine. But it can be fun to add a little something special to go along with the wine. A personalized wine stopper for the newly engagement couple can be a great little gift that pairs nicely with a bottle of vino. A heart-shaped wine stopper or a monogrammed stopper can be a nice and functional item that the couple can use long after the wine is gone. If the couple is planning a themed wedding or a destination wedding, then choosing a wine stopper to match their plans can be an extra fun way to celebrate their engagement.

Bride and Groom Personalized Flute Set

A personalized flute set is a very popular engagement gift idea for a newly engaged couple. An engagement party or even a bridal shower may be the best time to present the gift because it will likely be early enough in the wedding planning stage to allow the couple to use the special gift during their wedding toast. And it will be another thing that they may be able to check off their ever-growing list of items to get for their wedding day.

Along with a personalized flute set, you might consider including a bottle of their favorite champagne. Or if you want to go even further, a bottle of champagne and a nice ice bucket could be a perfect trio of gifts that will certainly be appreciated.

Cookbooks for Couples

Cookbooks are an excellent gift idea for young couples who are preparing to set up a home of their own or for couples who are self-proclaimed foodies! Many include cooking primers to get the pair familiar with their own kitchen and basic cooking tools. If the young couple is just starting out, then a couple's cookbook can be a great way for them to become more comfortable with cooking with one another.

Need more engagement gift ideas?

Engagement Gifts for Her

Did your best girlfriend, sister or female co-worker just get engaged? Then check out engagement gifts for her where you'll find super sweet ideas that your favorite gal is sure to love. These ideas are perfect for engagement parties or bridal showers, especially if the bride-to-be has not put together a wedding registry just yet.

A gift just for her is a way for you to celebrate her happiness and is appropriate if you do not know her fiance very well. So if you are searching for a memorable gift for the soon-to-be bride, then read on for more.

Engagement Gifts for Him

Finding a cool engagement gift for him can be a challenge, but completely doable. More than likely, a newly engaged man will not expect a gift, so it could definitely be a nice surprise if you were to get something just for him.

Also, it is becoming more and more popular for engaged couples to hold a joint wedding shower, so these gift ideas will be perfect for him during a co-ed shower because then the bride-to-be won't be the only one receiving gifts! So if you are searching for a great present for the soon-to-be groom, then check out these great gift ideas.

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