Wine Gifts and Accessories

Wine gifts and accessories can be the perfect engagement present for a couple who love wine. Wine enthusiasts have thought of nearly everything to help make drinking wine more pleasurable, from beautifully illustrated books on wine to simple, yet effective, wine accessories. Wine and wine accessories can also make an ideal congratulatory gift for a colleague or client.

Here is a list of different wine gifts and accessories that you can consider for an engagement gift:

Celebratory Wine Box

The engaged couple will be blown away when they see these gorgeous wine boxes! These specialty boxes allow you to put in your favorite wines or the favorite wines of the couple so that they can enjoy them on future special occasions. These unique wine boxes will definitely be a gift that they will remember. Don't be surprised if you see it displayed in their kitchen or bar area during your next visit to their home!

Wine Picnic Set

A wine picnic set can make a wonderful gift for a couple who enjoys the great outdoors. These picnic carriers are designed with wine in mind! They offer snug places for wine bottles along with accessories that will make toting and drinking wine under the sun a breeze!

Wine Decanter or Carafe

A wine decanter is a gorgeous wedding engagement gift for a wine enthusiast. It's a beautiful glass piece that allows wine to properly aerate or it is used to assist in removing sediment that may build up in older wines. If you are thinking about giving a wine decanter to the engaged couple, then you may want to include with the gift a wine decanter stopper or other wine decanter accessory such as a decanter drying rack, cleaning beads, or a funnel.

Unique Wine Glass Pairs

For the wine loving couple who have it all, consider some neat wine glasses that will surely become a conversation starter at their next dinner party. These special glasses will certainly enchant them in a way that will make them want to open up a bottle of wine right then and there to test their new wine glasses out!

Wine Cork Display / Wine Cork Board

Wine cork displays or do-it-yourself wine cork boards and other household items can be a fun party gift, especially for a newly engaged couple. Wine cork displays allows a couple to collect their wine corks in an aesthetically pleasing way. And cork boards are a fun way for a couple to collect and use their corks, and since it will take a while to complete the cork project, it will be a cool gift that doesn't get stale overnight. There are also cork trivets, coasters, and other types of cork projects that you can give as gifts.

Wine Games

Are the soon-to-be bride and groom self-proclaimed wine aficionados? Then give them an engagement present that will test their vino knowledge! These fun wine games may even teach them a thing or two that they didn't know! They are probably receiving some lovely bottles of wine as engagement gifts, so a wine game can be a unique and creative gift idea.

Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift baskets are a great combination of wine gifts and accessories with wine lovers in mind. There are many different types of wine gift baskets that are available that offer different types of wine and other complementary treats. Some baskets are put together well enough to provide every needed for an impromptu picnic!

Wine Stopper

Wine stoppers are great items to have on hand, especially if a wine drinker is prone to sampling different types of wine frequently. Wine stoppers are made in a variety of different materials and designs. There are also monogrammed wine stoppers and other specialty wine stoppers that can be given as personalised engagement gifts.

Wine Rack

Wine racks are great gift ideas for an engaged couple if they have plans to move into a new home soon. There are many different types of wine racks that hold a varying amount of bottles. Consider what may be more suitable for the couple, a counter top wine rack or a hanging wine rack. There are also lots of designs to choose from, so consider the couple's style when picking out a wine rack.

Wine of the Month Club

If you are unsure of what type of wine or wine accessory to lavish upon the engaged couple, then why not splurge a little and offer them a membership to a wine-of-the-month club? Then they can sample different wines over the course of several months.

Wine Journal

Embarking on a new life together as a couple of married wine lovers will certainly include trying out new varieties together, so it may be a great idea to present the couple with a new wine journal where they can keep track of their favorites from here on out. Along with a wine journal, you may consider getting them your favorite bottle of wine for them to taste and journal about first!

Wine Lovers Gift Set

You cannot go wrong with a wine lovers gift set. A wine gift set can include a few different varieties of wine or other treats, such as cheese, chocolates and more.

Wine Aerator

A wine aerator is the perfect wine accessory for a wine enthusiast. A wine aerator works to mix the perfect amount of air with the wine while it is being poured, alleviating the acidic taste that occurs from wine poured straight from a freshly opened bottle, giving it a more blended flavor.

Wine Art

Beautiful wine art often uses gorgeous deep red and golden hues to convey the richness that wine has to offer. If your newly engaged couple loves wine and are perhaps moving into a new home together soon, then you may consider getting them a nice piece of art to display in their dining room or home bar. Many artistic prints inspired by wine offer timeless images that will enhance any home decor.

Wine Picnic Accessories

If your couple enjoys picnics, or spending afternoons in their backyard, then wine drinking accessories made to make drinking wine outside easier can be the perfect engagement party gifts for them. No more watering their lawn with their favorite wine with these wine gifts and accessories!

Wine Opener / Wine Opener Kit

A wine opener or wine opener kit can be a nice and practical engagement gift for a person who is new to wine tasting. Kits can be very extravagant and can even become a nice fixture in some home bars.

Wine Refrigerator

If you are going all out for wine accessories and gifts, then consider a wine refrigerator - the couple will be thrilled to receive it. If they are big wine collectors and you've noticed overflowing wine racks, then a wine refrigerator may be just what they need. They will especially appreciate such a generous gift if they are hosting events at their house as a wine cooler will certainly help to keep wines perfectly chilled for guests.

Wine Cooler / Wine Chiller

A wine cooler or wine chiller is a nice engagement party gift idea for a wine lover because it is used to effectively keep chilled wine cool. Wine coolers come in many different styles and are aesthetically pleasing enough to have on the dinner table or picnic table outside.

Wine Glasses

A wine lover can never have too many wine glasses. If you know what types of wine your couple prefers, then you can get them a nice set of wine glasses specifically for red or white. There are even stemless wine glasses that can be a refreshing type of glassware if the couple often uses traditional wine glasses.

Wine Books

There is a great selection of books dedicated to the different wines of the world. If your couple not only loves wine, but also loves books, then a beautiful book on wine could be the perfect engagement present for them.

Wine Foil Cutter

A foil cutter is a nice wine accessory and allows a wine enthusiast to remove the foil from a bottle quickly and cleanly. A foil cutter can make a nice accompanying gift to a bottle of wine or other wine gifts and accessories because it is not too expensive to purchase a quality foil cutter.

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